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Parents 1 Son and 1 Daughter Necklace


Because the family is where the stories begin, take them with you always! It is the ideal gift for those who accompany you in the heart.

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8,05 €

Size Medal: 2,7 cm x 2,7 cm (1,06 in x 1,06 in)

Size: 43 cm – adjustable (16,93 in)

Weight: 6 gr (0,01 lb)

Composition: High quality stainless steel necklace. You can use our accessories in the bath, the pool and the beach, as they will not change color nor your skin will turn green. In addition, it will not cause allergic reactions as our articles do not contain nickel.

To give you greater security, we offer a 1 year warranty that covers the color change of the items.

Height2,7 cm (1,06 in)
Width2,7 cm (1,06 in)
Depth43 cm – adjustable (16,93 in)
Weight6 gr (0,01 lb)
CompositionsStainless Steel

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